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JAAI Stands for Japan Auto Appraisal Institute, which is one of the most trusted inspection centers for used Automobiles originating from Japan. JAAI was established in 1966 and was approved by two relevant ministries, Ministry of International Trade & Industry and Ministry of Transport.

JAAI has a network of 52 branch offices throughout Japan and has inspected more than 1.8 million used cars exported from Japan. Owing to the quality and precision of inspection, JAAI has gained recognition of a number of foreign countries importing used automobiles from Japan.


JAAI’s inspection takes the following aspects into account:

Functionality of the Vehicle:
To ensure safe driving in accordance to safety regulations.

Interior Condition and Appearance:
Tidy and unstained interior will be cleared. The damaged area on seat covers, ceiling, interior walls etc. must not be more than 10cm for passenger cars and not more than 30cm for commercial and freight vehicles. (Adhesive tapes for repair work are not accepted)

No cracks or breakage of more than 1 cm. Scratches from viper blades should not hamper the visibility.

Exterior Condition and Appearance:
Corroded parts have to be repaired, rusted or exposed surfaces must be painted. The bumps on the car’s surface requiring panel work that extend over a quarter of the affected panel have to be repaired.

Engine and Area under the Body:
Must be cleanly washed. Rusted parts have to be painted with chassis black.

Tires must be in accordance to the safety regulations.

Odometer of the vehicle must not be tampered or replaced. If Odometer certificate is required, inspection will be carried out using Individual Odometer Search System by NAK.

Country Specific Inspection:
The items of inspection may vary depending upon the importing country.

Auction House Japan only facilitates its customers with required certifications from Japan. We do not issue these certifications on our own and/or anyone’s behalf. Every certification agency/company listed on our website is a separate entity of its own.


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