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As a member of all major auction houses in Japan, we can help you purchase the most suitable car and offer low cost on direct imports for car dealers or individuals

01 Add-Ons Options

You can purchase from a vast market of used Japanese vehicles and from auction houses in Japan, which lists 100,000+ used cars every week.

02 Transparency

Get the inspection/auction sheet before bidding when buying from Platinum Auto Japan with transparency.

03 Cost-Savvy

The cars bought from PAJ are economical compared to those bought from other exporters because of the huge margins and added costs of keeping stock by these exporters.

04 No Tampering

Decent inspection & the odometer readings at Platinum Auto Japan let you know the car’s real mileage.

05 Buyers Security

All those involved in Japanese used car export are liable as the auto trading market in Japan is trustworthy.

06 Strategically Built Yards

Our yards are strategically positioned all over Japan, ensuring easy access and firm control. Besides, the closeness means that domestic travel time and in-land charges cost are significantly reduced, which leads to cost-effective and quick vehicle transfer. Keeping our inland costs low helps us in rendering quality services at the lowest market rates.

07 Real Visit and Precise Review of the Vehicles

Before placing a bid on any car on behalf of our customers, we visit the auction house’s real location and thoroughly inspect it, ensuring that the car’s condition is as described. Our specialist team examines the following parts of the car:

  • Every aspect of the indicator, lens, & winkers.
  • Engine and transmission.
  • Suspensions and bushes.
  • CV Joint rubbers, power windows, and central locking.
  • Steering wheels, wipers, and horn.
  • Driveshaft.