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Auction vs Stock

Relevant Information About Car

Exporters show many cars in stock on their websites, but they are not physically there, and the information about the vehicles is also fake. Whereas in auctions, the vehicles are there and with authentic information about the condition of the car.

Newly Added Cars

The cars are listed regularly for auction, which means you will be buying a new car. If you are buying from stock, you cannot be sure about the dealer’s yard time. It can be months or even years; buying from an auction is the best option for new cars.

Genuine Prices

The prices of automobiles bought in the auction are apparent. You can bid for a car as per your budget and estimate the average bidding price of the desired vehicle. You can easily add the freight and custom prices to calculate how much a particular car will cost you before you bid for it.

Reduced Prices than Stock

The cars bought from an auction are cheaper as compared to stock. Cars in stock are expensive because dealers keep a huge margin and include charges of preserving inventory in the yard. If you buy from an auction, you know the winning bid and the commission charged to you.

Buyers Security

All those involved in used cars auction and export processes are accountable, as Japan’s market is trustworthy. Stock dealers from various regions worldwide cannot be held responsible as any authority or association does not regulate them.